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Calling All Food Banks and Non Profits!

If you were using AmazonSmile as another donation channel, well unfortunately with them closing this unit, you can now capitalize on AmazonSmile’s decision to shutter!

Now is a great time to send that email communication to your donor list and prospects.

Take advantage of Amazon’s decision to close their donation arm and do the asking yourself.

Use This Template and Customize to Your Organization.

Subject Line Options:

😲 Amazon Quietly Quitting Donations

☹️ AmazonSmile Turns Upside Down

😀100% Good Karma Coming in 2023

😀 Join Hundreds of Community Members

😀 Give Us a Try First

Introduction of Communication

Dear (first name),

Have you heard the quiet announcement that AmazonSmile, the donation arm of Amazon, will be ending its charity donation program by February 20, 2023? For many non-profits and food banks like ours, this is sobering news as we live and breathe on donations.

But we think it’s a great opportunity to remind you about [your food bank name], and how your donation of $10.00, $20.00, or more will make a huge impact on families and individuals in need of a helping hand now.

Your donation will elevate our work, and you’ll join hundreds of others in our donor club! Best of all, you’ll instantly reap good Karma for 2023, and it’s a great way to “pay it forward” to someone else in need. You will receive behind-the-scenes information about [your food bank name], so you know exactly how your giving directly impacts the community and its members we serve daily.

State Facts About How Their Donation Will Asssist

How Will Your Donation Help?

You will directly help fight hunger: Your donation to [your food bank name], will help fight hunger and food insecurity by providing food for those in our community who may not have enough to eat.

You are supporting your community: [your food bank name] often serves as the main source of food assistance for low-income families and individuals in the community. Your donation helps to ensure that these families and individuals have access to nutritious food.

You will help build a stronger local society: By supporting [your food bank name], you are helping to build a stronger, more resilient community where everyone can access nutritious food, regardless of income.

You will get tax benefits: Your giving is tax-deductible, which can help lower your tax bill and is a great way to start the New Year.

Share a Few Fun Facts About Your Organization

Now the Fun Stuff:

Monthly and Quarterly Communications: You’re in! You can look forward to receiving updated communications about how your donation is positively helping local families.

Ambassador Club: Because of your donation, you are now a brand ambassador for [your food bank name], so tell your friends and neighbors.

Annual Charity Event: You become part of a special donor club that will be invited to join us at our annual charity and other public events.

Volunteering: You’ll have excellent opportunities to meet people with the same passion as you and get first dibs on volunteering schedules.

Bragging Rights: Many people say they’ll donate or volunteer but never do. You just did, and it’s a great conversation starter at the bar. 😊

Closing Statement and Your Ask

Give us a try first. Come take a tour, volunteer, and try us at no cost to you! We would love to meet you in person and show you what we’re all about – fun and feeding the community. And bring a few friends.

We look forward to seeing you soon, and I’ll follow up to hear when you’re available.

With service in our hearts,

[your food bank name]

[Your url] and [donation button]

Feel free to use this template and customize to your needs. I hope you found this helpful and good luck with your donation drives in 2023!

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