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Food Safety Tips for Seniors

This holiday season let’s not forget about our vulnerable senior population. Our friends at offer great resources that we will now share on our website.  If you have an aging parent, need support information regarding seniors, or need to learn about senior nutritional needs, they’ve got it all.

During this time of the year, we tend to overindulge in rich and delicious foods but that’s not good if you’re in your senior years. Visit this page Senior Nutrition Guide | to learn about specific nutritional needs for seniors.

Download the Food Safety Document

And here are some valuable food safety tips for seniors. Food banks, please share this resource with your community members.

Older adults are at higher risk of foodborne illnesses due to changes that happen as the body ages. These can include a weakened immune system, reduced stomach acid and a slower digestive system, which makes it easier for bacteria to grow. Conditions such as cancer and diabetes can increase the risk, too.

Foodborne illnesses can make you very sick, and in serious cases, they can turn fatal. Fortunately, you can protect yourself by following a few basic food safety precautions and guidelines.

DOWNLOAD the tips document here:

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