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A #10DollarChallenge For the Holidays

Can you believe the first week of December 2021 has just passed? Most people are excited to finally gather with family and friends for the end-of-year holiday celebrations. You may be shopping online or enjoying the hustle and bustle of in-person shopping.

With all that excitement, you may get a little thirsty and drop $10.00-$15.00 at Starcrux or build up an appetite and treat you and your friend to lunch and happily pay $50.00-$75.00 without hesitation! And I love the idea of sharing your humbled good fortune with others. Isn’t that the point of being a good friend anyway, especially during the season of giving?

A Little Help is Needed – #10DollarChallenge

This calls for a #10Dollar Challenge for the holiday season.

A Little Help is Needed

This is a simple reminder that as you make your way through the crowds and catch those limited-time offers online, please remember there are many people and families that need a little extra help. You may not even realize that you may know some of these faces of those who have never asked for help before. They come from all backgrounds but unfortunately had an emergency or unexpected financial expense. This could be a neighbor, friend, family member, or even you. With the tail end of an ever-changing pandemic, job fluctuation, stress, being an amateur at-home teacher, and the cost of living still rising, something has got to give. And having food insecurity should not be one of them.

Food Insecurity is Rising

According to the California Association of Food Banks, California produces nearly half of the nation’s fruits and vegetables, yet 1 in 5 Californians — that’s about 8 million — currently struggle with food insecurity. “Food insecurity” is the occasional or constant lack of access to the food one needs for a healthy, active life. These are staggering numbers, and as we close out 2021, you can bet that the 1 in 5 food gap will become even smaller. Food insecurity will continue to rise, and food banks all around the country will continue to adapt and change as food and operational costs increase.

A Holiday Challenge

I want to make a holiday challenge this year and ask you to make a simple online donation of $10.00 (less than a Grande latte and a snack) or donate more if you can to your local food bank. Simply Google “food banks near me” and look at what your search finds. Or click here to view all the food banks that CalFoods Logistics serves in California. All these small dollar amounts add up to have a bigger impact locally. And if you’re feeling the spirit this year, ask your human resources department to donate $100.00 to a local food bank. The donation could be on behalf of your company, or they could match funds that you and your colleagues gather. Most food banks have an online donation portal, so it’s as easy as sending that quick Venmo! Plus, it’s tax-deductible. The simple act of giving does good for your mind, body, and spirit, and the recipients couldn’t be more grateful.


Please accept this challenge by commenting on this post with “#10Challenge Accepted” and tag or name the local food bank that you donated to” and share with your contacts to do the same. I’m only asking you to donate $10.00. Hmmm…cheaper than a nice glass of wine, a good deli sandwich with a drink, or a quick run for that beloved chicken sandwich with fries and a sweet tea!


Here’s a toast to you this holiday season, and I thank you in advance for participating in the $10.00 challenge. I wish you good health and a good heart full of giving.


PS – Santa is always watching!

PSS – Shout out to Google, sharing the wealth and information this holiday season.

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