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Much Needed Transportation

It’s a great Friday today. The holiday elves came a little early for Yolo Food Bank! Even with all the supply chain nightmares, our good fortune and great resources were able to snag a highly coveted refrigerated truck before 2022!

We know this truck will help Corkey Mapalo, Director of Operations at Yolo Food Bank, and the team continue to do excellent work serving and feeding their community during the holidays and into the New Year!

How can CalFoods Logistics help you and your foodbank with infrastructure needs?

Geno Geerlof, Steve Linkhart, Corkey Mapalo

50 Years of Service to the Community

For 50 years, Yolo Food Bank has elevated the common good for the people and communities of Yolo County by fighting food insecurity. Founded as a volunteer-run backyard gleaning program, Yolo Food Bank has grown to an organizational network of staff, volunteers and more than 80 nonprofit partner organizations. We coordinate the storage and distribution of food from a network of growers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and grocery stores, while simultaneously cultivating new sources of food.

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