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Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services

A few CalFoods Logistics staff recently volunteered their time at one of the many Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services distribution sites. There was a lot of positive energy and coordination prepared as volunteer and staff members anxiously awaited the arrival of their client cars.

After processing through the intake area, the cars were ushered systematically to a spot where they opened their trunks and received free bountiful nutrition. The clients were very appreciative and couldn’t be happier to receive this additional food.  You can visit the CalFoods Logistics resources page here to find a food bank near you.  Reach out to them directly for locations and distribution days and times.

If you need food, call 211 for assistance and find out about your area’s services.

Delicious Food Options For All

Today’s distribution consisted of one bag each of apples, pears, potatoes, and the clients were very excited about receiving frozen shrimp! Imagine all the creative dishes that you can make with potatoes and shrimp. In addition, CalFoods Logistics was proud to provide free FBP (Food Box Program) boxes so that any client can receive this additional food benefit, a 3-to-4-day supply! Pasta, canned spaghetti sauce, a variety of canned specialties, rice, and shelf-stable milk filled up this free food box.

Volunteering is a Labor of Love

There were approximately 12 staff and volunteers to help with the distribution. They distributed about 600 of the CalFoods Logistics food boxes and the other USDA commodities. Charisse Ross, of CalFoods Logistics, said, “I love it! I love going to distribution sites and asking if we can help.” Helping at distributions gives you a chance to interact with the clients. Volunteering gives you a great feeling.

Food Insecurity is Still Rising

Even two years after the initial pandemic, more Californians still need additional food assistance because it comes down to a choice for most. You can pay a bill, warm your home, or feed your family. All food banks and their agency communities have the same goal in mind. They are committed to providing community members in need. Food banks and their distribution sites are judgment-free zones. Call 211 and find out where your local food bank or distribution center is if you need food. Food banks are there to help you; they are there to feed you and show compassion and respect.

Ways to Find Food

Need food? Call 211

Click here to find a food bank – contact a food bank, and they can help you find food in your area.

Click here to find out about TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program)

  • TEFAP  is a federal program that helps supplement the diets of low-income Americans by providing them with emergency food assistance at no cost. USDA provides 100% American-grown USDA Foods and administrative funds to states to operate TEFAP.

Click here to find out about the CalFresh program

  • CalFresh is for people with low-income who meet federal income eligibility rules and want to add to their budget to put healthy and nutritious food on the table.

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