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Find a Food Bank Near You

To find food banks near you, you can use Google and enter the term “food pantries near me” or “food banks near me,” you will get lots of results for places near you that can assist you in feeding yourself and your family. If in California, you can check our Resources tab on our website to view all TEFAP participating food banks. TEFAP is The Emergency Food Assistance Program provided by CDSS, the California Department of Social Services.

Most food banks have multiple food programs and resources available to assist you so be sure and contact them to learn how you can receive food. 

TEFAP Food Bank Providers

TEFAP provides United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) commodities to a network of 49 food banks for distribution to eligible individuals and households within 58 counties. To be eligible for USDA commodities, a recipient or household must reside in the geographical area being served and meet established income guidelines.

CalFoods Logistics is in partnership with CDSS as the intermediary, providing and distributing USDA food commodities to all California TEFAP food banks network. We also work directly with California food banks to offer supplemental prepacked food box kits. These food boxes are free to any and all recipients. 


Get Free Food Boxes

To find free food boxes, visit our Resources webpage to find your nearest TEFAP participating food bank. Call them to see if they distribute the CalFoods Logistics food boxes or other prepacked food boxes and ask how you can obtain one. The CalFoods Logistics boxes are a limited program that will end soon.  Feeding America is, another excellent website that can help you find food banks near you outside of California and nationwide. You can visit their website and enter your zip code to find the nearest food bank.

Food banks are an essential part of our society, providing food assistance to those who are struggling to put enough food on the table. They play a critical role in addressing food insecurity and limited access to healthy food options. They also help to reduce food waste and build stronger communities. It is important to support food banks in any way possible, whether by donating food or money, or by volunteering. Together we can make a difference in the lives of those in need. 

Find a Food Bank Near You

If in California, click the link below to find a food bank near you OR outside of California, visit the Feeding America link to find a food bank near you.

CalFoods Logistics – Find a Food Bank in California

Feeding America – Find a Food Bank Nationwide

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